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What is Cyclur?

Cyclur is a widget that allows you (user) to customize and display RSS feeds on your site within minutes. It can be used on your site to display information from any RSS feed, uniting multiple news feeds into a simple widget.

How do you pronounce Cyclur?

Cycler is pronounce as Cycle-er.

How can I contribute?

How can I contribute? You can use Cyclur on your website to display feeds and spread the word! If you have suggestions or would like to request a feature, email ritz[at]cyclur.com.

Will Cyclur continue its efforts to maximize widget customization?

I have a lot of ideas and goals for Cyclur, depending on its usage and feedback, there will be more customizations on the way.

What inspired the idea for Cyclur?

I was inspired to create it in order to help sites consolidate sources into a single widget. My personal site, www.gamedibs.com, needed a widget to view news ideas and cyclur proved to be the resource we needed to improve quality and increase hits.

What are the common causes of Invalid feed errors?

Cyclur has a smart RSS validation system which validates your feed URL using http://feedvalidator.org . If you get this error, please validate your feed and fix the errors showed by Feed Validator.

Cyclur doesn't show up on my Wordpress blog, what am I doing wrong?

The most common cause for this problem is invalid plugin code or a plugin conflict, if you are running a Wordpress blog or any other blog with plug-ins, try disabling your plug-ins one at a time to try and fix your feed.

Can I use Cyclur on my blog?

Absolutely, Cyclur widget was designed to be used on any valid HTML page, you can use it on any blog including Wordpress. Just pop-in the code where you want to display it and you are done!

I want a custom Cyclur widget for my website, how can I customize it further to fit my needs?

I want a custom Cyclur widget for my website, how can I customize it further to fit my needs? Cyclur has been built on the very foundation of user customization, if the current set of features do not satisfy your need, please e-mail me at ritz[at]cyclur.com with a detailed description of your custom requirements.

Cyclur does not work for me after I insert the code, How can I fix it?

Please e-mail me at ritz@gamedibs.com with a detailed description of the problem, preferably a screenshot and sample code, I will try my best to respond as soon as possible.

Who are you?

My name is Ritesh Manchanda and I am currently working as a Lead Designer at an online ad network in New York City. I have extensive experience in Graphic Design, 3D art, and web coding. Learn more about me at www.riteshmanchanda.com or gaming website www.gamedibs.com

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